What is Swift Tools ?

Swift tools is a discretionary PC based programming and analytic utility for use with SWIFT remote frameworks.
It is possible to play out a site overview, allot profiles, and set up a remote work utilizing just SWIFT gadgets. In any case, framework setup and assessment can be refined quicker and with more data utilizing SWIFT TOOLS, enabling you to set up strong work systems with the best execution.

What’s required?

Swift tools can be downloaded for nothing from esd.notifier.com. This program is utilized with the W USB radio dongle (which must be requested independently), and a Windows PC with the accompanying least necessities:

Working System: Windows XP Professional (SP3), Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit)

Hard Drive: 20 GB hard drive space with least 1GB free space on hard plate

Smash: Minimum 512MB RAM Processor speed: 1GHz least (2.4 GHz suggested)

Processor reserve: 512K


How does SWIFT TOOLS function?

SWIFT TOOLS utilizes the W-USB connector to convey remotely to SWIFT gadgets in two ways:

Discusses specifically with any SWIFT gadgets that are inside around 20 feet of the SWIFT TOOLS PC and have not been designed into a work organize.

Speaks with any portal inside 20′ of the PC running SWIFT TOOLS. At the point when the entryway is a piece of a dynamic work arrange, all gadgets in the system can be seen by means of SWIFT TOOLS.

Quick remote gadgets that are inside correspondence scope of the SWIFT TOOLS PC are shown in the “Communicator” area on the correct hand side of most SWIFT TOOLS screens.

The Communicator segment is the place singular gadgets or work systems (by entryway) are chosen for different operations in SWIFT TOOLS.

What is incorporated into SWIFT TOOLS?

The SWIFT TOOLS suite fuses three unique components – Site Survey, System Configuration, and Diagnostics.

Each of these components utilizes the Communicator to for choice of particular gadgets or work systems.


SWIFT TOOLS function

SWIFT TOOLS function

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