Latest Apple iPhone Covers

Apple introduced a latest apple iPhone covers for the iPhone is often considered as an option for folks with new iPhone. Since it is considered to be the cheapest iPhone covers in USA ranging under $39-$49, according to the models the costing varies for example for iPhone 5S a black leather case will be costing for$39 & for the latest apple iPhone covers arrived in 2016 iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S the same leather case will cost around $45 where in iPhone 6S Plus costs at $49. As said price of the Apple iPhone covers varies with the models accordingly. While crafting the Apple iPhone covers it is made on a consideration to provide a good grip for use & also in looks to be thin & for handling right.


Latest Apple iPhone Covers

Many iPhone users must have used a covers known as Otterbox Defender which is also providing superior protection to the screen & borders of the iPhone’s body.  But due to its heavy weight iPhone Users dumped to use Otterbox Defender.

Latest Apple iPhone Covers

Official iPhone cases offer a minimal amount of protection, but it is made up with screening of the entire body of iPhone with its weight & ended up as a very light weight Apple iPhone Cases, for users the Leather iPhone covered officially introduced by Apply served to be a very comfortable to handle & free from extra bulk cover.

Here is how Apple Official leather case has variations from other iPhone cases.

What do other users of iPhone thinks about Apple Official iPhone cases?

Here is the couple of answers get from certain users from our sources

“I’m going to disagree with the other poster. It’s a bit pricy but I love the look and feel of mine. It’s taken a few really nasty tumbles onto concrete and asphalt and done its job protecting the phone. I love mine. ”

“I thought this until I dropped mine from a good 4’ onto a concrete sidewalk. It scratch leather bad but corner of the phone that it landed on zero dent or scuff.

I surprised because the case perfectly protected the whole device.”

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